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Penis Size: What's Normal, What's Not?

The thought of not being able to satisfy their partner in bed due to the size of their penis is the usual fear of many men. Studies reveal that a lot of men believe that their penile sizes are very small when in fact they have a normal penis measurement. Research also shows that some gentlemen have an overstated thought of what comprises normal size of penis.

How Partners Examine Penis Size

Advertisers and media will make you think that your partner really cares about your penis size. The dilemma of attraction is complicated. However, many studies found that penile size is the last priority for many women. There is a study concerning the perception of gay men about the penis size of their partner. Knowing and understanding the needs of your partner is more possible to improve the sexual rapport than attempting to improve your penis size.

Don't Consider the Hype

A lot of manufacturers provide various kinds of nonsurgical penis enlargement medications, and frequently advertise them with encouraging advertisements that take account of endorsement from scientific studies. However, once you look attentively, you will see that the effectiveness and safety is not true.  So, make sure to make a proper research when buying one.

Penis-Enlargement Products

There are lots of penis enlargement products accessible but most of these products are not effective. Some of them produce adverse side effects that can lead to permanent damage to the penis. These products include:

Lotions and Pills: These products usually contain herbs, minerals, and vitamins that claim to enhance the penis. However, none of these have been proven to work, some might be dangerous to use.

Vacuum Pumps: This is used to cure erectile dysfunction. Utilizing this product for long term can damage the elastic tissue of your penis that leads to less hard erections.  The result it provides is not permanent.

Exercises: Popularly known as jelquing, this is utilized to improve blood circulation from the foundation of your penis to its head. Even if this method is safe compared to others stated above, it can result to scar, disfigurement and pain.  There is no research that proves that this method is useful.

Stretching: This consists of fastening an extender device directly to your penis. Research shows that this can add about one to two cm length, but not safe to use.

The mainstreams of male who undertake surgery are not contented with the outcomes. Surgery might add one inch to the size of a not erect penis. However, it can lead to various complications like infection, loss of function and sensation.  Surgery is only intended for those who have a penis that is not functioning as well as injury and birth defect.

As a whole, a lot of men believe that when they have large penis they can be a good lover. In reality, most women do not care about the size of their partner’s penis when it comes to relationship and sex. So, prior to jumping into conclusions of buying expensive and dangerous products, you need to find other options. The best solution is to talk to your partner about the issue.